August 24, 2019

Second Professional BHMS Degree Examinations -April 2013

Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS)

Second Professional BHMS Degree Examinations -April 2013

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Essays: (2×10=20)

1. Enumerate the procedure for determination of age. Mention the medico-legal importance of age. (3+7=10)

2. Mention the alkaloids of opium. Discuss the effects or chronic opium poisoning and treatment of opium poisoning

Short Essays: (10×5=30)

3. Describe tattoo marks and its medico-legal importance.

4. Mention the differences between post-mortem staining and bruise.

5. Differentiate between nux vomica poisoning and tetanus.

6. Symptoms and treatment of viper bite.

7. Explain the types or inquest.

8. Drugs and cosmetic Act and Rules.

9. Define exhumation and briefly outline the procedure.

10. What is artificial insemination and mention its types & indications.

11. Mention the differences between still born and live born foetus.

12. Mention the types of fracture of a skull.

Answer briefly: (10×5=30)

13. Putrefaction

14. Phossy jaw

15. Defence wound

16.Criminal negligence

17.Frost bite

18. Indecent assault


20.Objectives of medico-legalautopsy

21. Masochism

22. Burtonian line

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